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Lily Díaz
Currently I am a professor and leader of the Systems of Representation research group in the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Media Lab. My research interests include: Design education, information technology, and representation from the perspective of humanistic disciplines such as anthropology, archaeology, history, and visual culture. I am interested in the use of computing devices for the creation of new intellectual and spiritual spaces and activities.I have an educational background in cultural anthropology (Brandeis University, BA with honors), computer art (School of Visual Arts, MFA.) and new media design (University of Art and Design Helsinki, DA). My work experience in the field includes assignments such as: photographer, audio-visual specialist and head designer in multimedia projects.As an educator, I have been at the Media Lab Helsinki since 1995 where I developed and teach in the visualization (or Dynamic Visualisation, an area of studies) for the Master of Arts program at the Media Lab Helsinki. Since 2004, I have coordinated the Doctor of Arts program at the Media Lab and currently I am the Head of Research in the Department of Media.My art and design work has been published in journals such as Flash Art, Leonardo, LAPIZ, Revista Internacional de Arte, and Computer Graphics. In addition I am a regular contributor to conferences and forums in the areas of design, digital cultural heritage and information technology.

I have a blog that you can visit here, Lily’s blog.

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Markku Reunanen
Senior university lecturer
Senior university lecturer Markku Reunanen entered Media Lab Helsinki in 2001 as an MA student and after his graduation in 2005 he remained at the lab as the lecturer of interactive visualization. His background is in software science, usability, communication technology and virtual reality (VR). His doctoral thesis, Times of Change in the Demoscene – A Creative Community and Its Relationship with Technology was, however, in the field of digital culture. Apart from the Media Lab he has worked at Tampere and Helsinki Universities of Technology as a researcher in virtual reality related projects, and holds the title of docent in digital culture at University of Turku. His current responsibilities include mainly teaching, administrative tasks, and research when time allows. Markku is currently an affiliate of the Academy of Finland funded Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies.

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