Courses given by the group members:

  • Alive Dead Media (DOM-E5124)
  • Archaeology of Media Infrastructures (DOM-E5150)
  • From Data to Pixels (DOM-E5108)
  • Introduction to Creative Coding (DOM-E5152)
  • Introduction to Virtual Reality (DOM-E5161)
  • Master’s Thesis Seminar (DOM-E5096)
  • Media and the Environment (DOM-E5151)
  • New Media Exam (DOM-E5041)
  • Personal Study Plan (DOM-E5001)
  • Designing and Creating Virtual Worlds (UWAS-C0056)
  • Doctoral Seminar in New Media (DOM-L0007)
  • Department of Media Doctoral School (DOM-L0006)
  • Introduction to Research Skills for New Media (DOM-E5135)
  • Independent Studies in Research (DOM-E5113)
  • Systems of Representation: A Culture Lab (DOM-E5003)