The work of digital reconstruction of the map of Mexico 1550

Imagine being able to immerse yourself into one of the most valuable documents from the early colonial history of the city of Mexico. Moving the digital replica with your hands, you are able to zoom in very closely. Diminutive pictograms reveal themselves to you whilst myriad sources of information become available. You decide whether to view a historic legend rendered in digital video by a group of young designers, or examine a website created by scholars containing photographs and descriptions of the historic monuments.

The Digital Facsimile of the 1550 Map of Mexico is an award-winning research project that makes use of art, design and new media to provide access to one of the most important historical sources about the city of Mexico during the early 16th century. The project received 1st place in the International Digital Storytelling Competition held by Art Center Nabi in South Korea in collaboration with ICOM 2004 and UNESCO.

Winners of the Nabi International Digital Storytelling Competition of Intangible Heritage.