Raul Nieves Pardo

Raúl Nieves Pardo
Raúl Nieves Pardo

Raul implements cultural prospection in technological areas: interaction and interfaces, domestic digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping, web and mobile technology, ubiquitous computing and the Internet of things, and others frame his production and teaching. He works in the exploration of new imagery and its impact in the construction of society and contemporary culture: digital divide, knowledge democratization, prosumerism, emergent phenomena, micropolitics. He uses open source software and electronic hardware. His challenge is biotechnology. He has exhibited in various art and culture exhibitions of different continents.

He regularly teaches workshops on different DIY technologies to very different people, while takes part in different programs at designs schools in Barcelona (Elisava, Massana, Felicidad Duce).
Raul coordinates Ilaro.org (a project in residence Hangar, Barcelona) focused on experimentation and production around digital fabrication technologies.

Raúl Nieves Pardo CV

More information about his presentation is available HERE.

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