Lily Díaz

Prof. Lily Díaz is the project leader, designer, and principal investigator. In this capacity she has worked in all the different aspects of the project. The project has enabled her to work through diverse methods and strategies involved in the design and productionof digital replicas of valuable historical objects.

Margareta Lindgren

A guardian angel, aside from her skills as an archaeologist and specialist in Linear B, until the year 2002, Dr. Lindgren was the Keeper of the Maps and Prints at Uppsala University Library.

Henrik Haggren

Prof. Haggren who is affiliated with the Institute of Photogrametry and Remote Sensing at the Helsinki University of Technology, organized the data acquisition methodology to enable us to render a 3D model of the map.

Philip Dean

Director of the Media Lab Helsinki and faithful believer.

Mariana Salgado

Researcher and doctoral student at Media Lab Helsinki, Mariana has worked in diverse tasks including interface design, stitching of the image of the map, as well as in creating the film version shown in Germany.

Antti Huittinen

Lecturer in the Department of Photography at University of Art and Design Helsinki, in late 1997, Antti did the stereo photography of the Map.

Atte Timonen

Assistant to the department and genius programmer, Atte coded the ImaNote version that is currently utilized to display the map.

Markku Reunanen

Lecturer in Interactive Visualization, technical advisor, Universal Forum of Cultures.

Teijo Peillinen

Lecturer in Interactive Narrative at Media Lab Helsinki, Teijo created the short film of the Map shown at Azteken in Berlin and Bonn. He also participated as a tutor in the digital narrative workshop of the Legends of the Historic Center of Mexico City held in 2005.

Janne Pietarila

Software designer, Janne wrote the code for the original stand alone version shown in Aztecs in London. In early 2004, he also created the first Internet version.

Brenda Castro

MA student and assistant, Brenda has worked on the interface version used for Ars Electronica.

Xin Li

MA student and assistant, has worked on the current interface version. Designed the Map of Mexico website.

Jorge Meza Aguilar

Professor at the Iberoamericana de Ciudad de México, worked with us on the digital narrative workshop of the Legends of the Historic Center of Mexico City.

Tanya Rodríguez

Assistant researcher and friend of the project.