Helsinki/Espoo Garden Banner, chronicles of an art and science collaboration.


You are invited to visit our virtual 3D gallery in the Kepler Gardens at Ars Electronica 2020 Kepler Gardens. Recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox. PRESS HERE TO ENTER. Note that you may choose whether to use a VR headset.

The gallery is hosted and realized by Media Lab at Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture in collaboration with Aalto Studios and DigiPlatform. It features a curated photography exhibition about the use of bacterial bio-cellulose in art, design and science and a mini-documentary with scientists from Aalto University telling stories about their lives, practices and aspirations for the future. To see the Exhibition Catalog, PRESS HERE.

Three days before the Covid-19 lockdown, Systems of Representations carried out semi-structured interviews sessions with the scientists at their laboratory facilities in Aalto University. In the anecdotal storytelling that ensued, professor Orlando Rojas and doctoral students Janika Lehtonen and Luiz Greca talk about who they are, their childhood, what inspired them to follow careers in science and how the making of a contribution to sustainability and the good of humankind sustains their work objectives.

The gallery itself is an audio-visual hybrid artifact created for the Kepler Gardens exhibition. Through this work we aim to promote contemplative activity and reflection about relational aesthetics, diversity, ecology and sustainability. There will be a live session 13 September 2020, 19:00-19:30, Central European Time/CET.

Credits for realisation:

Gautam Vishwanath – Mozilla hub design and technical integration

Emil Lindfors – Mozilla hub design and technical integration

Juan Duarte Regino – video editing

Lily Díaz-Kommonen – producer, scriptwriter and concept design.