Lily Díaz

The digital archive was created during the years 1996-1999 as part of the research project: Illuminating History: Through the Eyes of Media that I produced as part of my dissertation.

Many of these artifacts are finds from the archaeological excavation of the Ihala Mulli site done by the students from the department of archaeology of the University of Turku, 1994-1996. Artifacts from the same geographical location, and similar time period, which are scattered in repositories in Finland, are also included as support to the excavation materials.

The archive contains representations of the landscape as well as digital videos that document hypothetical reconstructions of methods utilized for the construction of buildings, firing of ceramics and the creation of textiles. It also contains my dissertation documenting the theoretical underpinnings of the work.

Sponsors: Academy of Finland, University of Art and Design Helsinki (Media Lab Helsinki and the Research Institute), City of Raisio.

To get access to some of the materials you will need the following plugins:

* Cosmo Player 2.1

* Quicktime 4.0


Lily Díaz

Markus Hiekkanen

Sami Raninen

Mervi Suhonen

Jussi-Pekka Taavitsainen

Juha-Matti Vuorinen

Jyrki Messo

Lisha Dai

And also: Ann-Christin Antell, Tiina Jääkärä, Taina Pietikäinen, Sirkku Pihlman, Tuukka Talvio

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